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Air Jordan 13 Low Suet is a city girl, but marrying into the Badlands of Shangougou Air Jordan 11 Low
. The reason is she ugly, on the right cheek a long piece of black ugly birthmark. Because this looks she never got parental care 2016 Hyperdunks, outsiders even avoid her as a monster Lebron Soldier 9, so she is wrapped by low self-esteem people, even if it is deliberately shiny black hair covered half of his face, did not dare the sun appears.
Marry a man named Wang Qiushi is ravine of private teachers, tall, thin, dark, not really handsome. Because the family was poor, so to marry her. Because she did not want dowry, her parents returned with a lot of dowry, be compensated for his bar!
Qiu is a good man, because of his work, Air Jordan 13 Low in the village quite some prestige.
In no class time Lebron Soldier 9, he takes her to the mountains to shoot birds, mushrooms. Lam Suet not bear to shoot birds Air Jordan 11 Low
, she said birds can fly freely in the sky much better. So they just mushrooms, mushroom every finish, he is rushing back baskets, then holding her hand slowly away. With him 2016 Hyperdunks, she was very happy, and even forget their "ugly" mood as February sunny sky, sweeping away the haze.
Every night when he gently held her, she would immediately turn the lights on, afraid his appearance so that he hates. He turned on the lights will stick, said to her: "!. Do not worry I will not hold anything against you."
She started to cry, crying laughing. This is her first laugh from the heart, and that more and more laughter.
But one day, her laughter suddenly disappeared.
Because, Qiushi school has a teaching young girl, Air Jordan 13 Low the girl who is beautiful, more beautiful songs Lebron Soldier 9. Qiu and Lam Suet chat Air Jordan 11 Low
, more girls this topic 2016 Hyperdunks . Lifting the eyes smiling girl in autumn of each, she said she lovely, than lark singing in the forest is also appealing.